About us

Every community is facing unique challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team and partners of Pandemic-Aid Networks knows that, despite these challenges, everyone can do something to help stop COVID-19 transmission and support their community. Pandemic-Aid Networks focuses on supporting community efforts across the globe, creating new initiatives where needed, and empowering individuals, families, communities, businesses and policymakers to make informed, health-conscious decisions.

By providing accessible, locally-relevant information, we help both groups and individuals to locally stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent greater harm to lives and communities.

Who we are

Pandemic-Aid Networks is a COVID-19 focused initiative by Research-Aid Networks. It is an umbrella platform for Zero Covid groups, Long Covid groups and other Covid-focused groups and organizations across the globe. Pandemic-Aid Networks began as Zero COVID Alliance, a grassroots effort by Vicky van der Togt, member of the Dutch Containment Nu and board member of the Protect EveryBody Foundation.

The Network has now partnered with the non-profit organization Research-Aid Networks to increase our ability to provide supporting services to COVID-focused groups around the world.

Our Network members include:

- Scientists & researchers

- Patients & patient advocates

- Doctors

- Community organizers

- Business owners

- Teachers

- Parents

- Students

- Caring citizens

What we do

We develop effective, community-based solutions that support COVID-focused organization in their efforts to stop virus transmission and support individuals, families, patients and communities through the pandemic.

We offer:

- Guidelines for policymakers, businesses, and individuals

- Advocacy, guidance, and recommendations

- Support services for COVID-focused organizations