Safe Schools Groups

FR | École et Familles Oubliées

A group of parents, teachers and school staff advocating for safe education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

BE | Parents et Enseignants Solidaires face à la crise sanitaire Covid19

French-speaking Belgian collective campaigning for safe and sustainable education in times of the Covid19 pandemic.

DK | Sikre Skoler og Institutioner

Sikre Skoler og Institutioner is a voluntary association formed by a group of parents and professionals with different backgrounds but with one common interest: to work for a better indoor climate and increased security in the Danish schools and institutions for both students, teachers, educators and other staff groups in the service of the school and the institutions.

Worldwide | Long COVID Kids

Parent & patient-led group campaigning for recognition, research of #LongCovidKids.

CH | Bildung aber Sicher CH - Ecole & familles oubliées

The association Bildung Aber Sicher CH is committed to health protection in schools during the current pandemic.

NL | Scholen Veilig

Dutch volunteer group committed to safe schools / education and zero covid strategy to protect the short and long term health of children and society in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

IT | Idea Scuola

The IdeaScuola National Committee unites parents and teachers who are committed to achieving a modern and safe school environment

DE | Sichere Bildung JETZT

A German school group in favour of immediate implementation of the #NoCovid strategy and effective infection protection in all daycare centers, schools and other educational and care facilities.

DE | Sichere Bildung

Bildung Sicher is a group of mothers, fathers, students, teachers, educators, members of risk groups and others. They take this new virus and its consequences seriously. For several months, They have been working together to protect against infection in daycare centers, schools, universities and other educational institutions!

SE | Föreningen COVID-19 Skola och Barn

Föreningen COVID-19 Skola och Barn is an association that focuses on protecting human rights & health in (pre)school and that supports society's ability to provide good and safe education in times of crisis, by implementing a set of specific measures.