Community actions

Essential actions to get to zero COVID

Get everyone on board

Have people everywhere and on all institutional levels involved in the project of getting to and staying at zero.

Impose face mask policies

Require masks in public and shared spaces to reduce transmission rates.


Determine outbreak areas and implement strict lockdowns until community transmission ceases.

Social Distancing

Raise awareness for people to continue with keeping a safe distance of at least 2m (6ft)


Have designated isolation facilities to stop spread within families and take care of incoming travelers.

Don't reopen too early

Such haste can compromise all other efforts

Travel Restrictions

Implement strict travel restrictions on Red Zones to prevent new outbreaks, preserve progress, and enable restoration of normal activities.

Report data in detail and with transparency

Know and report which new cases are and which are not a danger for the community.

Support Medical Care

Give the support that is needed for hospitals & healthcare workers. Administer policy to protect essential services.

Health Guidelines

Produce health guidelines to bolster general public health and mitigate infection risk.

Widespread Testing

Amplify testing volume and diversify modes of testing. Ramp up testing where necessary. Knowing where the virus gives us valuable information.

Help neighbors

Have communities assist neighboring areas to ensure Green Zone status and expansion. Then, start building Green travel networks.