Do the Zero Covid Challenge

For the 10 April 2021 Day of Action, Zero Covid Alliance is hosting the #ZeroCovidChallenge.

Please upload a ~30 second of yourself (or anonymous) telling others what a #ZeroCovid approach means to you, and why you think it is important that we change course towards this type of strategy in the fight against COVID-19.

We will be displaying the videos on our Day of Action livefeed and social media accounts. You can also post the video directly on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) with the hashtags #ZeroCovidChallenge, and #ZeroCovidDayOfAction, preferably on the Day of Action (10 April 2021).

Please continue to support the initiative by retweeting all the #ZeroCovidChallenge posts you see. We want to make a lot of noise!

Posters for the Day of Action are also available to download and print in multiple languages at:

You can find all the Zero Covid Challenge videos here.